We Ride Together
The Spartan Motorcycle Club sponsored their first gay motorcycle run on the East Coast in 1969: Marathon. Held periodically since its historic inception, our next Marathon in 2018 will celebrate our 50th anniversary with a multi-day event attracting gay motorcyclists from all over North America to ride and celebrate our love of motorcycling in brotherhood.

Spartan MC Golden Run - Marathon 2018 - June 4 through 9

For our 50th anniversary, the Spartan Motorcycle Club will be celebrating with our 23rd Marathon. We will be participating in Americade, the world's largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally.

Americade is held in Lake George, NY. It is a gathering of friendly, fun-loving folks, for whom motorcycling is a social hobby, but not some form of rebellion. It's NOT the place for shows of speed, hostile attitudes, or illegally loud bikes. Americade supports the statement from the former President & CEO of Harley-Davidson: "Something We Never Want to Lose" and the AMA position that "Loud Pipes Risk Rights."

We are busily putting together the details for our participation in Americade. You can check back here or sign up for our notifications by sending an email to:'s all about the ride!
Safe Riding
Motorcyclists riding together have a common and basic set of operating rules and understandings. Following these procedures helps to insure a safe and pleasurable ride.
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50th Anniversary ride and celebration at Americade, Lake George, NY