We Ride Together

The Spartan Motorcycle Club sponsored their first gay motorcycle run on the East Coast in 1969: Marathon. Held periodically since its historic inception, our next Marathon in 2018 will celebrate our 50th anniversary with a multi-day event attracting gay motorcyclists from all over North America to ride and celebrate our love of motorcycling in brotherhood.

Spartan MC Golden Run – Marathon 2018 – June 3-8

50th Anniversary ride and celebration at Americade, Lake George, NY

For our 50th anniversary, the Spartan Motorcycle Club will be celebrating with our 23rd Marathon. We will be participating in Americade, the world’s largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally.

Americade is held in Lake George, NY. It is a gathering of friendly, fun-loving folks, for whom motorcycling is a social hobby, but not some form of rebellion. It’s NOT the place for shows of speed, hostile attitudes, or illegally loud bikes. Americade supports the statement from the former President & CEO of Harley-Davidson: “Something We Never Want to Lose” and the AMA position that “Loud Pipes Risk Rights.”

We are busily putting together the details for our participation in Americade. You can check back here or sign up for our notifications by sending an email to:


Golden Run Itinerary

  • Sunday, 6/3 – Run to Oneonta, NY w/ one night stay at Super8
  • Monday, 6/4 – Arrival in Lake George, NY, w/lodging at Scotty’s Lakeside Resort
  • Tuesday, 6/5 – Americade ‘18 events/local riding; evening 50th Anniversary Banquet in Bolton Landing, NY
  • Wednesday, 6/6 – Club Ride to Private Swimming – Registered Marathon Attendees
  • Thursday, 6/7 – Americade ‘18 events/local riding
  • Friday, 6/8 – AM Departure for Washington, DC

Message from the Road Captain

Brothers and Friends, I am excited to be planning the Spartan Motorcycle Club ride to Americade and back June 3-8 for our 50th Anniversary – Golden Run Marathon!

The ride up will span two days. The current plan is, of course, dependent on the whims of your Road Captain and Mother Nature. The first day, Sunday June 3, will be a long day and take us through the Delaware Water gap between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We will continue into New York state and stop for the night just over the NY border.

Day 2, Monday June 4, will be a short day. We will leave mid-morning to arrive at Scotty’s Lakeside Resort at Lake George early afternoon. We’ll get settled in to our hotel and scope out Americade.

The rides during the week will depend on the weather. Rain is common so pack that rain gear! But, the Marathon Committee is looking at one day being a loop through the area of hills and forests. One night will be a special Marathon dinner. And another day will possibly be a short ride to a private residence with lake access for swimming and relaxing.

Don’t worry, we are planning some time to take advantage of more of the Americade events, too!

The ride back will be on Friday, June 8. It will be a more direct route so we finish it in one day since the Spartans will be participating in the DC Pride Parade on Saturday (friends are welcome, too!). We will have tolls along the way so please make sure you have an EZ Pass to make the ride smoother.

Registration forms will be out soon with all of the details. We hope you can join us. We have a spot in our ranks for you.  Molon Labe!

In Brotherhood,